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The Company Dovere Srl was founded over 30 years ago and it works both in the design and in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the equipments.
Thanks to its specialized technicians in this field, the Company Dovere Srl is able to offer a high quality service and to carry out targeted maintenance, start-up, replacement of worn parts both on their own crane and the competitors ones

Dovere Gru can also perform revamping work and renewal of overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes and lifting equipment lame in general, by providing, in addition chealle normal maintenance and replacement of parts worn out, even to the upgrading of these systems in accordance with the latest regulations.

All the lifting equipment undergo a check of the electric instrumentation in addition to the revamping and maintenance work depending on the apparatus conditions or on law changes.

Dovere Gru also sells auxiliary tools for lifting equipment, like: metal ropes, chains of various dimensions, dynamometers, lifting pincers, magnets, crutches and balancers.


Dovere Gru

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