Periodic checks

Bridge cranes checks

We think that a good service of the overhead cranes, cranes and lifting equipment in general, allows to prevent failure, not optimal working and secures the installations, thanks to this kind of work you will get the expected working from your cranes and overhead cranes, reducing downtime with an increase in the production efficiency, increasing machine life and reducing costs for extraordinary maintenance.

According to the laws, the employer, under penalty of criminal and pecuniary sanctions, must maintain in good condition the lifting equipment and doing at least one full structural control per year, according to the guidelines of Decree. nr.81/08: art.71, paragraph 4, letter a and paragraph 8 p.to2 letter a letter b 1, attached, three quarterly checks as mentioned in the annex VI of the decree.

These checks must be performed by qualified personnel.

In order to offer integrated solutions to the customers that allow them to have a single qualified interlocutor , DOVERE GRU srl, has completed its offering, acquiring technical staff and equipment that enable Dovere Gru to perform all inspections of the cranes with quarterly and annual basis, their census and the filing and updating of their passbooks EMPI / ISPESL, in accordance to the dictates of Article. 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08 on safety at work.

The maintenance activities on cranes complete the service, ie all the activities that must be carried out in order to restore the proper functioning of the equipment (such as testing records, lubrication, replacement, etc..), And the maintenance on- call where it is guaranteed a prompt intervention in case of sudden failure of the machinery which otherwise cause a stop in the work performance.

In order to identify the type and modalities of the checks suitable for your company cranes, we are available to carry out inspections at your facility, and describe all the necessary procedure for the development (or maintenance) in safety of the machines.