Normative references

Checks of the cranes

A suitable maintenance of the cranes and the lifting equipment helps to prevent failures or diseases, putting in security the systems controlled by your cranes and gaining an operation in line with your expectations.
In this way it will decrease the downtime of the machine by having higher production efficiency, it will increase also the lifetime of the machines themselves and decrease the costs for extraordinary maintenance.

In order to make a proper maintenance of the cranes, avoiding criminal and pecuniary sanctions, the employer must maintain in good condition the lifting equipment and doing at least one full structural control per year and three quarterly checks.
These checks are mentioned in the guidelines of Decree. nr.81/08: art.71, paragraph 4, letter a and paragraph 8 p.to2 letter a letter b 1 with its attachment for the quarterly checks and they must be performed by qualified personnel.

In order to offer integrated solutions to the customers that allow them to have a single qualified interlocutor , DOVERE GRU srl, has completed its offering acquiring technical staff and equipment that enable Dovere Gru to perform all inspections of cranes with quarterly and annual basis, their census and the filing and updating of their passbooks E.N.P.I. / I.S.P.E.S.L., in accordance to the dictates of Article. 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08 on safety at work.

The maintenance activities on cranes complete the service, ie all the activities that must be carried out in order to restore the proper functioning of the equipment (such as testing records, lubrication, replacement, etc..), And the maintenance on- call where it is guaranteed a prompt intervention in case of sudden failure of the machinery which otherwise cause a stop in the work performance.

In order to identify the type and modalities of the checks suitable for your company cranes, we are available to carry out inspections at your facility, and describe all the necessary procedure for the development (or maintenance) in safety of the machines.

Normative references

D. Decree 81/ 08 art . 71 : According to D. Decree 81/ 08 art . 71 , as it pertains to the characteristics of the equipment, provides that the employer must ensure that workplaces , plant and equipment have a regular maintenance service as quickly as possible eliminating , the detected defects which may affect the safety and health of workers. Of course , the work equipment must comply with the EC Directives and where the documentation has been lost must be provided to restore it.
PARAGRAPH 8 According to the initial control interventions , annual and extraordinary are aimed at ensuring the good state of conservation , efficiency in the interests of safety of work equipment and must be performed by a competent person ( technician or engineer trained ) .

Annex VII: In addition to the provisions of paragraph 8, the employer submits the work equipment listed in Annex VII to periodic audits designed to assess the actual state of conservation and efficiency for security purposes at the frequency indicated in the therein.
The checks are carried out by INAIL (ex – ISPESL) and ARPA regional being able to make use of the support of public or private entities authorized .
Private individuals acquire the status of authorized representatives of public services and respond directly to the property owner of the public function . The procedures for performing audits shall be established by the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Policy , in consultation with the Minister of Economic Development .
Also according to the dictates of the legislature , the results of the checks referred to in paragraph 8 shall be reported in writing and , at least those for the last three years, must be maintained and readily available to supervisors . If work equipment referred to in paragraph 8 are used outside of the office of the production unit must be accompanied by a document certifying the successful execution of the last inspection .

Frequency of inspections

Regular checks of lifting equipment , provided with article 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08 Catch- 11, supplemented by the Legislative Decree 106/ 09 , state that the first inspection of the crane shall be carried out by ‘ POS , within 60 days of submission of the request , as the ‘ ISPESL was abolished by Decree No. 78 of 31/05/2010 . After expiry of this term , the employer may rely on the ‘ ASL .

The subsequent periodic checks after commissioning of the plant shall be carried out by ‘ ASL with a period of 30 days from the date of request. If the ASL is not available to control it is possible to draw from the list of authorized persons in accordance with the Executive Decree of 21/05/2012 . For this reason, periodic maintenance checks carried out by us can not be considered a substitute to those carried out by the ASL , even though they are often the only way for the employer to control their own lifting equipment , as described in DL mentioned above , which must also take into account the maintenance requirements issued by the manufacturer.


Obligation of the employer during the checks

For the checks operations, the employer must make available to the checker:
1 – the required staff;
2 – a designated person (someone that in relation to the gained knowledge and the limits of his responsibility given by his company position, enforce the directives issued during the working activities)
3 – the necessary means for the execution of the operations (with the exception of the measuring equipment);
4 – The documentation related to the checks operations, the statements or communication of application, which must be held at the place where the equipment is being used.


The Executive Decree of 23/11/2012 established the “Rates for the periodic checks of the working equipments as referred to in Annex VII of the legislative decree 9 April 2008 no. 81 and subsequent amendments and additions. ”

Managerial rate

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